Our Qualıty Polıcy

Our basic quality principles:
- The level of quality is determined according to international standarts
- High quality is formed in each stage of the manufacturing.
- The product with inferior quality or defect is never allowed to enter the next stage.
- Higher quality is achieved through continuous development. 
Quality is a process which aims at continuous improvement and development of workers and management, suppliers and customers. The targeted perfection can only be achieved through each unit. Below listed policies are the milestones, we adopted on the way to success.
- To become a renowned company in its sector with high quality products, quality service and operational efficiency,
- To meet customers current and prospective needs with standardized product quality and continuous product development with desired timing and specifications,
- To provide system and product development in accordance with the customers demands, to ensure continuous customer satisfaction,
- To achieve a structure which is receptive to continuous change, to give importance to Research& Development to ensure continuous product development and leadership in the market,
- To organize suppliers as part of the team to achieve constant development;
- To provide an environment where all workers can contribute and use their creativity and guarantee workers' individual development through continuous in-house traninig,
- To aim at constant improvement for high efficiency in manufacturing,
- To achieve satisfaction by competitive strength and increased market share in the targeted markets,
- To achieve continuity through a trade mark which is respected in the market