PLASTAS aims to provide services to strategically important sectors such as Food and Agriculture, by reducing storage and waste costs during domestic and international transportation, also to help companies to tackle their packaging problems. 
While the main usage is in Fruits & Vegetables, our products can be used in numerous fields like Chicken&Fish, Meat, Frozen Food,  Cheese , Yogurt, Wine, Canned food, Medicine and Automotive.

Our products offer many advantages. Due to its special design, the waste is decreased. It is also more hygenic compared to other equivalent products. Since it’s made of plastic, it can be easily recycled. At the same time prevent the waste of natural resources because of its substition for carton and wooden crates. As they are foldable when empty, its usage will result in savings in transportation costs.
Crates are compliant with European standarts, so they can easily replace wood and cardboard crates destined for exports. This will prevent packaging oriented complaints of fruit&vegetable exporters.
Our production facility consists of 10.000 m2 covered area, situated in Düzce Industrial Zone on a total land of 20.000 m2 whenl completed.
 Düzce’s proximity to big cities like İstanbul (217 km), Ankara (236 km), Bursa (257 km) has many logistical advantages. In addition to that with its qualified labor and infrastructure, Düzce Industrial Zone is an attractive investment center.